About Running Brewing Co.

November 11, 2015. Raleigh, NC. Pat Price (yellow shirt), Keith Ferguson (grey shirt), Rob Aldina (red shirt) Anthony Greco (green shirt) and David Meeker (blue shirt) run past the North Carolina Museum of Art's West Building, which houses their permanent collection.

November 11, 2015. Raleigh, NC (photo: Jeremy M. Lange)

Brewed by runners, for runners. Running Brewing Co. is a running-themed homebrew (and sometimes collaboratively commercial) project. What’s more enjoyable than getting a run in with friends, then having a tasty pint?

Expect more here in the future. In the meantime, check Running Brewing Co. out on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, (and now Untappd) or email us RunningBrewing@gmail.com for more information, and check out our beers here.